Information about the Integrative approach to psychotherapy.

My therapeutic training was grounded in both Transpersonal and Integrative models which means that I am able to use a variety of different methods to help clients access their thoughts and feelings about the themes they are facing in their lives, and also that I am able to tailor the therapy to meet the needs of each individual client.

If we were to work together, we might use a combination of some of the following approaches in our sessions:

Cognitive and Behavioural approach - looking at the thoughts behind actions you are taking, and how useful or appropriate they are, and then making any relevant changes.

Psychodynamic approach - exploring your past and your childhood to see how it influences you in the present.

Existential approach  - exploring what holds meaning for you in your life and how this affects your choices.

Transpersonal approach - looking at questions of spirituality and the qualities you are being challenged to manifest in your life.

Because my training had a Transpersonal leaning, I am trained to work with dreams and I encourage my clients to bring these to their sessions. I also take a creative approach in my work, where appropriate, and sessions may include the use of art, imaginative work and visualisations amongst other tools, as well as using the more traditional techniques of talking-therapy.

In addition to this, I have a particular interest in the work of Carl Jung and frequently incorporate ideas from Jungian psychology into clientwork.